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Sold/Leased & Purchased


Congratulations to Stephanie Bulger on the purchase of Moonshot, Special thanks to Karen Caristo and Sandy Farrell !! 

South Haven Farm wants to congratulate Lori Matthews on the purchase of Bowie!

  South Haven Farm wants to congratulate The Gochman Family and Scott Stewart on the purchase of Bowie!   Congratulations to Becca Odom on the purchase of Edinburgh. Special thanks to Susan & Bill McMorris!  


Congratulations to Melissa Michler on the purchase of Quite Cool! Special thanks to Irish Day Farm and Katie Lambert.


Congratulations to Hil Cat Farm and Catherine Castle on the purchase of Casting Call.  Special thanks to Whitney Boyce!


  Congratulations to Hailey Redifer on the purchase of Linus! Thanks to Chris Wynne, Glen Moody, and Jana & Patrick Rodes!  

Congratulations to Jordynne Magnuson Capatosto on the purchase of Harley! Special thanks to Pat Dodson & Keith Hastings!



Congratulations to Lori Matthews on the purchase of Winnipeg Z


Congratulations to Lynn Rice on the purchase of Callucci.  Special thanks to Tom Brennan and Tony Workman




Congratulations to Colleen Hammer on the purchase of Lampard!! Special thanks to Whitney Boyce


Congratulations to Lauren Katz on the purchase of Hyde Park.
Special thanks to Tom Brennan.




Congratulations to Angela Dominguez and La Primera Hacienda on the purchase of Emilios


  Zeros - SOLD - Congratulations to Sean and Danice Grisham   Congratulations to Kailin Kerzner on the purchase of Uptown.



Barlando SOLD - Congratulations to Erin Walker and Pine Hollow Farm

  Congratulations to Katharine McLeese on the purchase of Zafier!
Special thanks to Mike Bonham

  Congratulations to Kendall Whitt on the purchase of her new Hunter - Peroni   Congratulations to The Trimble Family on the purchase of Bacchus S and Bowie.  Thank you Kent Farrington for your help finding us these amazing horses!   

  Congratulations to Mary McKenzie on the Purchase of  "Oliver"   Congratulations to Meghan Anderson on the Purchase of Midnight Hour  
  Congratulations to Brooke Blomstrom on the purchase of "Casting Call"   Congrats to Kristen Blomstrom on the purchase of her new Jumper "Barlando"  

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